Who wants a MOOCs book? Introducing MOOCsbook.com

September 1, 2015

For more than 15 years now, I have had some fun purchasing website URLs while building learning portals (e.g., TrainingShare and CourseShare), software programs (e.g., SurveyShare), and book homepages (e.g., my Adding Some TEC-VARIETY book and my World is Open book). It is always exciting to design something new.

I got lucky a month or two ago and purchased the website MOOCsbook.com for my new book, MOOCs and Open Education Around the World which was published by Routledge near the end of June 2015. My team (Mimi Miyoung Lee, Tom Reeves, and Tom Reynolds) and I also edited a special journal issue on this topic. I discuss more about this in my previous blog post. It was a long process of more than 2 years in the making. It felt great to be done. And is also was a splendid feeling to get that special MOOCsbook.com website.

If you explore that website, you will find contributor and editor information, reader reactions, book reviews, and a series of book endorsements. You will also find assorted media on the book, presentations my team and I have done on MOOCs, free stuff (including the preface and book chapter abstracts), and links to Amazon as well as the publishers of each (Note: the book is from Routledge/Taylor and Francis and the special issue is from AACE). Of course, you will also find the requisite baby pictures, as per below. Smile.

Perhaps the book and special issue are not as engaging as we thought they would be. :-)

If you get the new MOOCs book or special issue, let me know. Hopefully, you will not fall asleep that fast. But if you do, let me know and I will attempt to sell it as a cure for insomnia.
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