"MOOCs and Open Education" Book and Special Issue...Now Published...AND also Published!

July 8, 2015

Some Really Big (i.e., "Massive") News: Both the MOOCs and Open Education Around the World book is now published by Routledge. It came out in late June. The book has around 64 contributors from 13 countries. They wrote some 29 chapters, 2 forewords, and 1 preface or 32 total pieces.

More Massive News: Also published is the special issue of the International Journal on E-Learning that is also on MOOCs and Open Education (by AACE). It came out digitally July 1 and soon in print. The Special has 8 articles. These are totally different articles from the book.

When combined, you will find 40 articles that my team, Dr. Mimi Lee from the University of Houston, Dr. Tom Reeves from The University of Georgia, and Dr. Tom Reynolds from National University, and I (Curt Bonk from Indiana University) have been working on for 1-2 years. What's a MOOC you say? A MOOC is a "massive open online course." What's open education you add? Well, read the free preface to the book (see link below).

Tom, Tom, Mimi, and I are delighted that these two projects are now completed and we can do other things. These projects have consumed much of our free time for longer than we care to admit. The book and special issue projects both got their start at the International E-Learn Conference in Las Vegas in October 2013 (actually 6-8 months prior). In effect, we have been working on these two little babies for nearly two years, if not longer. Yikes! Here is some ordering information and some free stuff. Below that are the book covers. But remember, my homepage has links to everything.

Special Issue:  IJEL 14(3), July 2015, or see EdITLib from AACE. (Amazon link coming)

Book: Homepage (Routledge); Amazon (Kindle (Approximately $35), Softcover&nbs p;(Around $37); Hardcover ($132));
        Free: Shareable Preface and Chapter Abstracts (if you cannot find it, try http://publicationshare.com/moocsbook/).

Book Reference:
     Bonk, C. J., Lee. M. M., Reeves, T. C., & Reynolds, T. H. (Eds). (2015). MOOCs and Open Education Around the World. NY: Routledge.

Special Issue Reference:
       Lee, M. M., Bonk, C. J., Reynolds, T. H., & Reeves, T. C. (Eds.) (2015). Special Issue: MOOCs and Open Education. International Journal on E-Learning, 14(3), 261-400.

I hope you enjoy the book and special issue. Reviews, suggestions, feedback, and so on are always welcome. Welcome to the world of MOOCs and Open Education! Remember the free book preface and chapter abstracts and contributor information. The world is now "open" for you as well as for me.
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