Just a lot of Bonk? Yes, CurtBonk.com is my new homepage.

July 27, 2017

Vanity? Security? Simplicity? Change? Timing? Or just because I can? Perhaps it is just time for a change. But after more than two decades with the same homepage, I thought we should try it and see if it worked. And so, Curtbonk.com (and CurtisBonk.com) now exist: Due to security changes at IU (blame the North Koreans and the Russians), I finally asked my assistant Seth to port it all my stuff to “CurtBonk.com” and “CurtisBonk.com.” There are new security rules and systems in place at IU called Duo. The Duo system requires a two-step login and hence limited who could update my homepage. In effect, it forced me to create a new homepage

I bought these URLs two or so years ago for my homepage http://curtbonk.com/. Now you can tell people to find my stuff there. You can find all my open access papers in PublicationShare , PowerPoints of all my talks in TrainingSha re, my free videos in YouTube on how to teach online, my free book, Adding Some TEC-VARIETY, all my other book projects, my course syllabi, and so much more. As part of these changes, my 8 pack learning theory video lectures are now in my SuperTravelinEdMan YouTube channel (long and boring and 9 years old).

My old homepage at IU will still work and point to CurtBonk.com (at least until the day I leave). Please check out my new homepage and let me know what you think. It is not flashy. In fact, it will look exactly the same. But now the URL will be easier to remember. It does the job for now. 
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