Free Stuff

Special Note from The World Is Open Author, Dr. Curt Bonk:

As mentioned in "The World is Open" book, there will be a free e-book extension with the same chapters, just different content. It will be roughly the same length. I hope to get this completed in late 2011 or 2012. I will call it “The World is More Open.” The World is More Open manuscript will be simultaneously posted to and other online sites. When done, you will be able to share, forward, use, or print, any of it. But these resources will be restricted to noncommercial use only and may not be modified.

In the "Free Stuff" site, you will already find the book prequel and postscript, the references for both books with hot links to the original articles, many book excerpts, and the Web resources for both books. The prequel and postscript appear in the paperback version of the book which came out in June 2011. We have included the special foreword to the Chinese translation for the book (in English). In addition to Chinese, the book is now available in Arabic. Need more free stuff? Well, we recently added a mindmap summarizing key course concepts that my son, Alex Bonk, designed. Finally, there is a link to the “Video Primers in an Online Repository for e-Teaching and Learning” (The V-Portal). At the V-PORTAL, you will find 27 brief (9-10 minute) videos related to teaching online. These include videos on blogging, wikis, podcasting, managing an online class, assessment, giving feedback, handling plagiarism, etc. These 27 videos you can download, share, use, and even remix.

How is that for FREE stuff? Not enough? Well, then, please share your unique Web-based learning anecdotes in the section called "Stories." See also: Moocs; MOOCs and Open Education; Massive open online courses (MOOCs); MOOCs and Open Education Book; and Book about MOOCs.